10 Businesses You Can Start to Target the Hipster Crowd


Looking for a fun group of young consumers to target for your business? You might be interested in starting a business aimed at the hipster crowd. To do that, you’ll need a trendy idea and some unique products or offerings. Here are some business ideas that you might consider if you want to target the hipster crowd.

Hipster Business Ideas

Start a Coffee Shop

Coffee is popular among a huge variety of consumers. If you want to start a coffee shop aimed specifically at the hipster crowd, you can offer some specialty flavors or blends that appeal to younger consumers, like cold brew or drip coffee. Or you could even focus on creating a unique environment for your coffee shop, potentially incorporating some art from local artists or hosting events like open mic nights or live bands. Why not take a look at coffee shops around the world for inspiration.

Establish a Used Book Store

Online booksellers like Amazon have put plenty of brick and mortar bookstores out of business. But some people, including many in the hipster crowd, still appreciate the experience and feel of buying books in person. And you can start a used bookstore without having to invest a huge amount of time or money.

Launch a Vintage Record Store

Old school record stores like Stormy Records have also experienced a bit of a resurgence in recent years, due in no small part to young consumers. If you’re a fan of music and have the ability to grow a collection of old records to sell, starting a vintage record store can be a fairly attainable goal.

Found an Old Fashioned Paper Goods Store

Like the idea of selling handmade or well-designed products to consumers in person? Old fashioned paper goods like cards or letterpress prints are gaining popularity among hip consumers. So you can open your own store to peddle those products and highlight the work of some talented designers and artisans.

Create an Artisan Donut Shop

Everyone loves a good donut. But if you want to target a hipster crowd, you’ll probably need some more exciting dessert offerings. Donuts are still popular. But you can make your donut shop stand out by offering some artisan varieties and interesting flavors. Luckily, there are already plenty of great independent donut shops out there that you can draw inspiration from.

Open a Tattoo Business

Tattoos are also fairly popular among the hipster crowd. You’ll need some licenses and permits in order to get started. But if you can create a cool environment and offer quality service, you could very well attract a large enough group of young consumers to run a profitable tattoo business.

Operate a Second Hand Shop

If you love hunting for unique and quality vintage or second hand items, you could open your very own second hand store. If you fill your shop with carefully curated and unique items, you could build a shop that really appeals to a young, hip crowd.

Roll Out a Food Truck

Opening a full-service restaurant is expensive, risky and old-fashioned. If you want to start a food business that appeals to young, hip consumers, you need to start a food truck. You’ll still have to get some of the permits and inspections that you’d need for a restaurant business, but the other expenses can be greatly reduced.

Look Into a Foodie Franchise

If you’re more interested in starting an actual restaurant, there are still some trendy options out there. Going the franchise route can make starting a restaurant even easier. And there are plenty of franchise opportunities out there that appeal to foodies and hip consumers.

Go Into the Vintage Sign Business

Businesses trying to appeal to hipsters and millennials may need special signage for their establishments. Older looking signs, repurposed vintage letters or even light-up signs can really appeal to those businesses and consumers.

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