4 Gamification Design Mistakes to Avoid Infographic


4 Gamification Design Mistakes to Avoid Infographic

Gamification is an integral part of the digital experience. But, overstuffing an instructional with badges, rewards, and levels doesn’t make for good design. Likewise, needless incentives can lead to unintended behaviors. Instead, gamifying should be appropriate and be able to simplify concepts.

Poor gamification design could dampen a user’s intrinsic motivation. Researchers, for example, use online libraries to assemble their sources. They have the intrinsic motivation to use the facility already. Thus, gamifying such an activity could lead to overjustification, i.e. preference for the gamification rewards over interest in the activity at hand.

In short, gamification shouldn’t distract the user. Although gamification creates an extra layer of interaction between the system and the user, it should be simple enough for the user to understand. It should fit within the concept of the activity the user is carrying out.


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