5 Step Preparation Before a Screencast Infographic


5 Step Preparation Before a Screencast Infographic

There are many reasons that lead you to sitting down and creating a screencast. It might be for an eLearning course, a video demonstration or a software simulation. No matter what the reasons are, with variety numbers of screencast software available, making a screencast is not difficult. However, make it stunning and engaging is in another aspect; and it only comes with the good preparation. For creating a successful screencast, a good preparation is critical. This infographic presents 5 steps of the screencast preparation.

Step 1: Define Purposes

The very first step that you need to clarify is why you are making this screencast. Do you hope to help people solve their obstacles of using a particular software? Or do you want to create an eLearning course? Either you are making a screencast to use right away or you are making a screencast that you will edit afterwards, there is a lot of software available. Depending on your specified purpose, you should choose the suitable one.


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