5 Types of Content Salespeople Can Use in the Sales Process

Source: http://leadg2.thecenterforsalesstrategy.com/blog/5-types-of-content-salespeople-can-use-in-the-sales-process

Inbound marketing and lead generation seem to be synonymous. It makes sense — inbound marketing has proven to be an effective and cost-efficient method to capture online leads and build robust sales pipelines. Consequently, inbound marketing methodologies and the content that drives it seem to be a widely-accepted component of every CMO’s marketing strategy.

But sales teams shouldn’t let these valuable resources be labeled “For Marketing’s Purposes Only.”  In fact, the premium content that’s been created to attract visitors and convert leads can also be effectively leveraged to enable the sales person and accelerate the sales process. Below are 5 ways content can be leveraged to help position the salesperson as a thought leader/subject matter expert and guide the prospect to the next best step in their buying journey.

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