Drive awareness, calls, and foot traffic for local businesses .

Increase leads and increase engagement by promoting your services and offers via all your social media channels.


 High Quality Posts and Creatives

You will get  high-quality original creatives each month plus engaging articles shared throughout the account. All posting occurs on a consistent posting schedule for a targeted audience based on proprietary affinity targeting research and engagement data.

Increased Website Traffic & Number of Followers

All of the content we post is designed for engagement. We build a following with ads, then grow it with content that your followers are sure to share with their friends. By engaging with the content, your followers ultimately wind up on your website. Once they sign up, you can track all leads right on your dashboard.

Landing Leads using Call to Action

The best way to convert a visitor is by using a “call to action” lead form. We create custom landing pages designed to generate leads when used in combination with the marketing strategies we put in place. This will improve the conversion rate from the overall strategy of your marketing campaign.

LOSOMO Social Media Service

Optimized Facebook Page

Optimization extends to your Facebook page as well as your website. We create or establish a positive brand image on Facebook plus local business verification. After keyword research, your Facebook content will be centered around the best way for potential customers to find you.

Managed by Real People In Your Voice

We ensure to post only quality engaging content, so it feels more genuine to your users and not like a robot. Unlike other services who simply automate a feed with news articles and irrelevant content. We’ll schedule at the minimum 7 days ahead.

Expertly Managed Campaigns

We’re social media experts. We’re optimization experts too. But we still need to work with you to develop the best strategy that fits your goals perfectly. Combined with intensive research of your brand, the market and your competitors, we’re confident in our results.

Social Media & Facebook Marketing Designed For Your Business

We will build your brand awareness, assist to generate leads and build a social connection with your prospects, with the help of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Marketing with Targeted Ads

Customers are now getting more information from a variety of social networks, and we’ll make sure you’re at the head of the pack with our marketing solutions including Twitter ads, Facebook ads, and more!

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