AI-Driven Salesflare CRM Seeks to 'Kill Dumb Software'


Antwerp, Belgium-based Salesflare — a company that wants to help you “work less, sell more” — just released its intelligent sales customer relationship management (CRM) application that promises to fill out itself and help you “flawlessly” follow up your customers.

“Our intention is to kill all dumb software. Life is too short to spend it with software instead of people. With this in mind, we’re rethinking software,” Salesflare co-founder Jeroen Corthout told CMSWire.

The product is the culmination of two years of development and testing by about 70 first-use customers. Corthout described the product as “CRM turned upside down.” 

“The system is built on top of the data, so inputting data becomes the exception rather than the rule,” he added.

Salesflare CRM

Salesflare is a a sales CRM tool in artificial intelligence mode that’s built on of top of existing pools of customer data to give salespeople quicker, more efficient access to information to close sales.

It reminds users of who they should contact, collects information on customers, logs customer interactions and offers insights into how teams and individuals are connected within a company. Usually, Corthout said, salespeople spend a considerable amount of time logging all this data into CRM systems. But Salesflare’s “upside down” model reduces the amount of time needed for gathering and collating data by up to 70 percent, he claimed.

When you set up Salesflare, you connect your email accounts and then sync your emails, creating an email database. You not only have a full database of contacts, you have the foundation for deeper and wider insights into relationships with customers, he explained.

What Makes Salesflare Different

Corthout said Salesflare — despite it’s obviously similar name — is far more automated than Salesforce, which he said he used himself for four years.

Salesforce, he said, “is a very manual system. If you need data on a company in the system, a salesperson needs to input it, whereas our system finds the data intelligently.”

Corthout said the Salesflare team is “very product focused” and spent a lot of time working out issues with its trial customers to make the experience in the public release as good as possible. Customers can start using the system with a few clicks, he said, adding, “we don’t have to hold people’s hands all the way.”

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