Artichoke App for Independent Practitioners Takes Payments, Books Clients and More


For independent practitioners like physical fitness trainers, coaches, consultants and more, the Artichoke app claims to simplify many problems.

These small freelancers with a staff of one sometimes struggle to manage their clients, set appointments, take payments and more.

Artichoke is an all-in-one business solution designed specifically to support this rapidly-growing community of moonlighters, independent practitioners and freelancers.

Below is a short clip on how the app works:

“A few years ago, I owned several urban health clubs,” the founder and CEO of Artichoke Justin Shelby said in a press release. “I saw how difficult it was for my trainers to make appointments, track client progress, and take payments.”

This saw Shelby create an in-house, cloud-based software solution for his trainers.  After sometime, Shelby realized that there were millions of independent freelancers who would benefit from the app. And that’s when Artichoke was born.

What Can You Do with the Artichoke Mobile App?

Shelby says the app helps you to stay organized, get booked and get paid. With it, you can monitor every purchase and adjust client’s balance.

The app contains an integrated method for you to get paid. You can now retire the shoe box and keep track of all your payments and purchases in one place. You can also make refunds while staying on top of recurring payments all from one app, the developers claim.

You can also manage your appointments using a check-in enabled scheduling system, the release states. The system tracks attendance and auto-generates appointment reminders to clients.

As far as bookings are concerned, Artichoke offers in-app messaging via text or email. The app also keeps personal and business communications comfortably separated, the company says.

Artichoke also provides a free trial version to allow small business owners to try out its features here.



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