ASG Technologies Targets Mobile Workers With ASG-Mobius 6.0


Naples, Fla.-based ASG Technologies is addressing one of the challenges of a mobile workforce with a purpose-built content management system that enables workers to access and integrate corporate content on any device.

ASG-Mobius 6.0 breaks down the repository walls created by proprietary systems by providing platform, device and data-neutral content aggregation, integration and storage capabilities.

This is an interesting break with current trends in content management, where single platforms typically encompass many functions (workflow, library services, web content management) and where both IT professionals and business users are locked into that single platform

“We saw the need for a truly transparent content solution, and we knew we could provide it by enabling businesses to easily access and integrate content from any device, anywhere,” ASG Technologies’ Brendan English, VP Line of Business, Content, told CMSWire.

Total Content Integrator

ASG-Mobius 6.0 has a flexible architecture that manages all content types regardless of size or platform, including the cloud. It gives users a complete, consolidated view from all enterprise repositories through a component called the Total Content Integrator (TCI). TCI enables a single web application request to activate a search across multiple, disparate repositories, file systems, databases and applications — including SharePoint, IBM FileNet and Content Manager, Alfresco and Documentum.

In fact, English continued, ASG-Mobius 6.0 connects with any Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) enabled repository. It can also integrate with legacy systems, file shares and other content in disparate repositories. 

Other features include:

  • Universal Archive — A device-independent storage format that supports any mix of servers and storage devices on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Redaction — Automated, rules-based full and partial redaction capabilities
  • Server Transparency — The ability to search and retrieve stored information without knowing where it is stored
  • Archive Encryption — Limit content access with encryption key algorithms

 Content Management Disruptors

The release of ASG-Mobius 6.0 responds to wider trends disrupting the content management industry — trends pushing workers in the direction of flexible, easy content access systems that can be used regardless of type, location or security need.

They want applications that integrate with multiple business applications and workflows to support a multitude of business processes. And they are also looking to use CMIS standards and RESTful APIs to build meaningful business applications that their organizations can upgrade or iterate independently of back-end repositories, English said.

ASG-Mobius 6.0 is now available on AWS and will also be made available on Microsoft Azure and other cloud platforms.


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