B2B Marketing: The Impact of personal relationship quality on B2B customer loyalty


In a competitive environment, strategy should take you to a different position stands out from the crowd. This study aims to provide a picture of how relationship quality can influence customer loyalty in the business-to-business context. This study follows the composite loyalty approach providing both behavioral aspects (purchase Intentions) and attitudinal loyalty in order to fully explain the concept of customer loyalty. A literature search is undertaken in the areas of customer loyalty, relationship quality, perceived service quality, trust, commitment and satisfaction. This study then seeks to address the following research issues: Does relationship quality influence customer loyalty? Which relationship quality dimensions influence each of the components of customer loyalty? This study was conducted in a business-to-business setting of the insurance industry in Egypt As the results show, to maintain customer loyalty to the supplier, a supplier may enhance all four aspects of relationship quality which are trust, commitment, satisfaction and service quality. Specifically, in order to enhance customer’s trust, a supplier should promote the customer’s trust.

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