Becoming a Digital Baller the Playbook: Everything you need to know to get started in & excel in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is NOT just Facebook ads or funnels, those are just pieces. Digital Marketing if done right is building finding compete strangers and turning them into happy customers through building relationships. If you are interested in learning the fundamentals of each piece of digital marketing (Social media, Ads, Funnels, Websites, SMS, Email and more) then this is the book for you.

This book was written for anyone who is:

– Entrepreneurs who have mainly worked off referrals or “Hustling”
– Trying to build a business their own or someone else through digital marketing and has had little to no success.
– New to Digital Marketing or only has experience in a few areas of Digital Marketing.

This book contains the foundation of digital marketing that I have used to generate millions of dollars through digital marketing solutions. From Facebook ads to Email to SMS Marketing and everything in between in almost every industry such as Brick and Morter, E-Commerce, Informational, Service, Software, and subscription.

By the end of this book you’ll know:

– The digital marketing fundamentals that every “GURU” strategies are built off of that they won’t share with you… (unless you pay thousands of dollars for their course)
– The complete guild to the universal dating strategy that you can use no matter what kind of business you are.- The most important skill every digital marketer needs (F.I.O.)
– The fundamentals of every piece of digital marketing- How to use social media to drive sales
– Create a clear road map for your entire digital marketing strategy
– Teach you the fundamentals of successful websites and landing pages to actually convert

“When I was first starting my business, Connor gave me the exact advice I needed. Since then, I’ve gone from making less than $10K per year to over $100K per month! I’m so grateful to Connor for putting me on the right path.” -Andrew George (CEO of MCAT Self Prep)

“If you’re not one for wasting time guessing what to do, Connor Wright’s book is what you’ll wish you had started with before trying to decipher the other “guru” books you hoped had the answers, but royally let you down. Finally, a resource that cuts through the soapbox rhetoric and digs straight into what works the first time for the best results.’ – Sean Ennis (Beginning Marketer)

“Connor has been invaluable to me as the co-owner of a new startup. He explains things in a clear and concise manner. He makes it really easy to follow the steps and be successful. Without his help I would still be in the social media Dark Ages.” – Danny Jacobson (CEO of The League)

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