Build an Ivy League Reputation Like These Top Schools (Watch)


If you want to attend one of the very best colleges in the country, you should go to Princeton or Harvard — but you probably already knew that.

The two schools were ranked first and second respectively on U.S. News & World Report’s annual list of the top colleges in the nation. And they’ve been in those top spots for years.

The list takes several different factors into account, including grades, test scores and student outcomes. And though there are small changes from year to year, U.S. News & World Report says that those numbers really only change slightly for most of the top schools on the list. So we’re not likely to see any major shakeups anytime soon.

Build Your Own Ivy League Company Reputation

Businesses can also learn something from schools like Princeton and Harvard. Those schools built up great reputations over years and years of consistency. The consistently high admission standards, grades, test scores and positive student outcomes have led to even more acclaim from lists like this one. And since the schools already have such notoriety at this point, they don’t even really need the publicity anymore, though they surely should appreciate the honor.

Your business may not deal in grades and test scores, but if you keep your standards high and remain consistent for years, you may be able to build up a reputation that’s worthy of the Ivy Leagues.

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