Building Customer Loyalty from the Inside Out


Customer loyalty is the responsibility of every employee within an organization. Customer loyalty is earned by developing positive relationships, one customer and co-worker at a time. Full of interesting tips, quizzes and compelling true stories of good, bad and ugly customer service, Building Customer Loyalty from the Inside Out illustrates why exceptional service must start within an organization in order to build loyalty with external customers. From building a loyalty-focused culture to dealing with angry customers, to boosting the bottom line, expert Debra Schmidt gives you powerful guidelines for retaining your valuable, existing customers. You’ll find practical, proven advice on how to: Build a positive spirit of teamwork and collaboration inside your organization. Stop committing service sins that drive customers away. Communicate more effectively to build customer rapport and trust. Deliver old-fashioned, caring service that will delight your customers. Increase customer retention and generate positive word-of-mouth to increase sales.Used Book in Good Condition

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