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The Digital Transformation Playbook from BMC & PSFK Labs uncovers how companies need to utilize technology to enhance security, not just innovate their products

Twenty-one percent of organizations suffered a security breach involving a mobile device in the past, primarily due to connections to shady Wi-Fi hotspots and malware, according to the 2016 BYOD and Mobile Security Study. While there have been steps in collecting and sending out data, it’s important that security excels at the same rate as these advancements. To do so, organizations need to streamline their security processes to ensure that all systems are constantly tested, studied and upgraded against any threats. Protecting data not only builds trust and respect, it also keeps companies from losing a significant amounts of business.

“80% of vulnerabilities are known, yet it takes an average of 193 days to patch these vulnerabilities—meaning that companies are exposing themselves to a potential breach for more than six months at a time. In 2016, it’s not a matter of if your enterprise is going to get hacked, it’s a matter of how, and when,” explained Robert E. Mellor, President of BMC.

Security protocols are the foundation of keeping up with product launches and updates, and prioritizing rapid release cycles over full testing and quality assurance will help to overlook critical security flaws. While this requires that system vulnerabilities are continually monitored to avoid any large security breaches, the process will help a company regain consumer trust and increase brand value in any breaches occur. The two main digital transformation strategies outlined to pursue safety include:

Proactive Security Systems

Invest in security systems that anticipate, identify and remedy vulnerabilities on a continual basis to eliminate threats.

Automated Efficiencies

Leverage intelligent systems to outsource human effort and reduce error, scaling the frequency and speed of response.

With connected systems and applications becoming more interconnected, a breach in one system is similar to opening Pandora’s box. It has become critical for organizations to streamline their security processes. By leveraging automated tools and internal protocols, companies can quickly identify and patch any system weaknesses, avoiding breaches and data loss. The worst thing that can happen to any business is losing the trust of its consumers, no matter how great its product is.

The Digital Transformation Playbook is a report and 5-week series from BMC and PSFK Labs that identifies the opportunities and challenges that traditional companies face when transitioning into a digital enterprise. The comprehensive study provides a roadmap to help high level decision-makers determine where to begin, what to do and how to follow through. Download the full report here and check back daily for exclusive content on the strategies, technologies and services that are helping businesses keep up with ever-evolving demands of the marketplace.

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