Chipotle Uses Drones to Deliver – Burritos? (Watch)


If you find yourself near Virginia Tech and you see something flying above, it might not be a bird or a plane. It might actually be a burrito. Chipotle has partnered with Project Wing of subsidiary of Google’s parent company Alphabet, to test drone delivery of the tasty Mexican menu item.

The companies chose Virginia Tech because it is one of the Federal Aviation Administration’s approved test sites for unmanned aircraft. But the reason they chose burritos as cargo is potentially more interesting to businesses.

Project Wing specifically wanted to test its drone delivery service with food items because they present additional challenges over just delivering simple packages. For instance, the temperature of the food needs to be controlled throughout the delivery process.

When businesses test new programs or technology, there are a few different ways to go about it. You could try the easiest way first and work your way toward the most difficult steps. Or you could jump right in and try tackling the most difficult obstacles right away.

The Payoff When You Tackle The Most Challenging Aspects First

With something like drone delivery, going the latter route actually makes a lot of sense. There may be unknown obstacles that go along with delivering food items. And if Project Wing can identify those obstacles early, they might be able to re-work the technology in order to overcome them.

When developing a new product or service, consider the most challenging aspects of  the project first. The solutions might open up opportunities for innovation you would never have considered otherwise.

Images: Newsy/Virgina Tech

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