Connected Customers Are Repeat Customers: Customer Service Principles and Strategies That Create an Excellent Customer Experience


An Quick Overview of Connected Customers Are Repeat Customers?

We all deal with customer service on a day-to-day basis. Some of us, however, know just how important customer service is to gaining and retaining customers. It ultimately dictates how well we grow and maintain our business. This book is meant to be an encouragement and inspiration to all business owners, entrepreneurs, and dedicated business leaders – to recognize the struggles found in the business/customer relationship and then to move into a place of success in customer service.

A Breakdown of What You’ll Learn

You should read this book if you are ready to take action. It calls for you to take leadership – to recognize that the lack of customers is not necessarily the main issue. Together, we’ll see some of the major walls we might encounter in marketing and communicating effectively with the customer.

By the end of the book, you will be armed with the principles and strategies that are so important in acquiring more customers and keeping those customers around for a long time.

Start Implementing These Strategies Today

In the book, author Gerod Farmer looks at the 3 main stages the customer encounters: marketing, communication, and relationship. We will consider the key principles to effective customer service within each of these stages. We will end by looking at the practical ways that these principles can be implemented in our work and businesses – strategies for building a larger customer base and retaining that customer base for repeat service.

You will also discover:

  • How authenticity builds trust and creates a repeat customer base
  • How friendliness and a positive attitude can effect a business’s culture
  • How to lead by starting with changes in yourself
  • How to start implementing strategies online and offline for customer acquisition and customer retention

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