Creepy Clowns Cause Ronald McDonald to Take a Break (Watch)


Ronald McDonald, the popular McDonald’s mascot, has been making fast food customers smile for the past 50 years. But not all clowns today are looking to make people smile.

A series of creepy clown sightings have some communities on edge. Some clowns have made violent threats, chased people to their doors and worse. Many Americans already have a deep fear of clowns after seeing movies like ‘IT.’ And these latest sightings aren’t helping.

So even though Ronald McDonald is known more as a happy clown, the restaurant chain is having him keep a low profile for a while. McDonald’s wants to be sensitive to the communities that have experienced any creepy clown incidents, and worries that parading around their own clown might lead to even more unease and fear.

A Lesson on News That Impacts Your Business

Your business might not have a clown mascot, but you still need to pay attention to the world around you in order to be sensitive to your consumers and not step over any lines. You might notice things in current events that in some way pertain to your business. If those things are negative or controversial, you might need to alter what you’re doing as a business for a while just to be empathetic to consumers.

Ronald McDonald Photo via Shutterstock


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