Customer Karma: Why Stop at a One-Night Stand, When You Can Have a Lifetime Relationship with Your Customers?


Nearly everyone has heard the word karma. My grandma introduced me to the word karma and the concepts connected with it. She illustrated the meaning of the word to me through simple examples. I have learned that the following concepts set up the framework of karma in the business world.

Seeing the Big Picture First: Seeing the big picture helps one put things in perspective. When one does that, it is easier to put the customer first.

Understanding People’s Mind-Sets: All people are not the same, and one person does not act the same way all the time. Understanding how customers react in different situations is essential before one decides how to treat them.

Living Customer Karma Everyday: Customer Karma is about action, not words. Businesses build good “Customer Karma” only when they actually put their customers first in all their actions. A customer win results in a long term win for the business.

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