Customer Loyalty 101 – Revised and Updated: How to Grow Your Circle of Loyal Customers and Why the Millions of $$$ in Customer Service and Phone Skills … Haven’t Worked (Honor in the Marketplace)


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Who Is This For?

If you are in business as an Entrepreneur, Legal, Financial, or Accounting Professional, a small to medium business Owner, a Manager, Supervisor or someone who interacts directly with customers AND…

• You’re tired of losing valuable clients, and have had enough of customers leaving your company or practice

• You’ve had enough of the gut-wrenching stress and dejection every time customers post negative online reviews

• You want to halt the trend of finding out that your angry or merely satisfied customers are flocking to your competitors

• You want to stop your online reputation from further being damaged

• You’d like to significantly boost your revenue

• You want to thrive and not just survive in a challenging Economy

• You and your staff want to master the easiest and most effective way of taking care of angry or disgruntled customers

• You’d like to build rapport, connect more meaningfully with your customers, and tap into the most powerful marketing strategy in the world which is word-of-mouth advertising then this Book is just for you.

Your Window of Opportunity to Stand Out and Distinguish Yourself Amidst the Average or Mediocre

Research shows that businesses who provide poor customer service will not only lose sales, but invariably also lose their customers to competitors. It is costing businesses an average of $289 per Lost Customer per year.

Multiply that one customer whose average lifetime with the company is hypothetically 5 years, and that’s $1,445 of lost revenue…for just that one customer.

If that same business loses 2 customers in one year, that’s $2,890 of squandered revenue.

And that’s not even taking into account all the referrals that those customers could’ve sent their way. And the referrals of those referrals.

Can you see how lost revenue can rapidly and exponentially escalate?

According to the American Express 2011 Global Customer Service Barometer, an annual report conducted by Echo Research in 10 nations.

• “Good customer service leads to repeat business”

• “Poor service leads to lost sales”

• “Consumers are more likely to tell others about their poor customer service experiences”

• “Consumers will switch brands to get better Customer Service”

In the American Express 2012 Global Customer Service Barometer, here are their findings.

• “Consumers think businesses are paying less attention to providing good customer service.”

• “Only 7% of consumers said that the customer service experiences they have with companies usually ‘exceed their expectations’ (compared to 6% in 2011) and 31% said that companies usually ‘miss their expectations’ for customer service (compared to 29% in 2011).”

• “Most consumers still believe that companies are helpful, but aren’t doing anything extra to keep their business.”

• “Consumers will spend more with companies that provide excellent service.”

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Disclaimer: This book is very similar to “How to Stop Losing Patients NOW.” But Customer Loyalty 101 caters more to companies and businesses that are not in the Healthcare industry.

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