Customer Moat: How Loyalty Drives Profit


Excellent reader reviews: (first edition rated 4.7 stars)
“A must read that is sure to become a go-to resource.”
“Insightful, easy-to-read, and thought provoking.”
“Hone in on what it means to go beyond ‘competitive advantage’.”
“Fantastic advice on how to be the business your customers need you to be.”

A Practical Guide to a Winning Business Strategy

What makes a company competitively superior to another? Which actions lead to greater market share and profitability? And why is it important to view customer decisions as probabilities?

In this groundbreaking work, Eddie Sung condenses the field of business strategy into a powerful, modern framework that is easy to understand. In doing so, he has created new measurements for evaluating the success and failure of businesses. Importantly, the Customer Moat expands the field of strategy far beyond Porter’s Five Forces and SWOT.

Told through engaging stories that range from the marketing research of Andrew Ehrenberg to the pricing power of See’s Candies, from the competitive behavior of the Galapagos finches to Costco’s rule that drives low costs, the Customer Moat Formula (CMF) is a modern understanding for how intrinsic loyalty leads to greater profit.

The CMF also details the eight fundamental tools that all companies possess for attaining greater competitiveness. These tools build intrinsic loyalty within a company’s customer base and work to improve the bottom line by achieving greater market share and higher profit margins. In a complex world, the Customer Moat presents a powerful compass for guiding businesses toward real-world results.

Note: First edition title was Customer Moat: Unveiling the Secrets of Business Strategy

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