Customer Relationship Management: Do Loyalty Programs Actually Build Loyalty?


Customer Relationship Management is a great marketing technique that can be used to bring in more customers or clients. As technology advance and with the introduction of social media CRM and loyalty programs have become really popular. Loyalty programs offer many savings to customers and free rewards for customers. But do they actually build loyalty? This book answers that question among many others such as:

– Why Loyalty programs are popular?
– The use of Loyalty programs and how it has changed over the years
– How technology has influenced Loyalty Programs and CRM
– The different kind of industries that use CRM and Loyalty programs
– How to implement a successful Loyalty Program into your business
– The different types of Loyalty Programs and which ones are the most effective

This book will offer you a completely different perspective on Customer Relationship Management and also help you to create your very own loyalty program. It will also help you to retain your customers and build and improve onto your customer base. During the writing of this book, Loyalty programs and Customer Relationship Management was thoroughly researched by the author and whether they are effective or not. The findings are included in this book as well as many other things. This book will help you understand much more about Loyalty Programs and Customer Relationship Management.

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