Customer Service for Entrepreneurs and Small Business – LOYAL RAVING FANS: 27 Ways to Excite and Delight Your Customers


What Every Business Wants…

Customers who not only keep coming back for more, but who broadcast your message, rave about your product or service, and drive more eager customers to your door! 

It’s not magic, and you already have everything you need. Often all that’s required is short, focused attention on small areas of your business, and this can mean big changes to your bottom line if you simply do the right things, the easy things.

The Little Things that Add Up to a Huge Advantage…

Sarah Bauling is a sought-after Speaker and Trainer in the Customer Service arena. With twenty years of professional experience in the hospitality and events industry, Sarah understands the importance of Exciting and Delighting your Customers, and now she shares her Weapons of Influence for the first time in print.

  • Three hidden secrets that your competitors usually ignore
  • Five customer hot-buttons that will turn ‘maybe’ into ‘yes’
  • Nine simple tactics to convert casual browsers into life-long loyal customers

Real Life Case Studies that Work Every Time…

Sarah delivers Twenty-Seven Customer Service gems that you can practice today and every day in your business, no matter how large or small. Your customers are your life-blood, and every little thing you do to improve their experience will come back to you over and over, in increased loyalty, recommendations, and most importantly, repeat sales. No effort is ever wasted.

It’s like a daily Multi-Vitamin for YOUR Business

If you only implement one of Sarah’s Secret Weapons each week, you’ll see rapid results and awesome business health within the first month, and by the end of the first year you’ll be killing your market and your competition!


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