Defining Personalized Learning Infographic


Defining Personalized Learning Infographic

Education is moving away from the one-size-fits-all approach to one that utilizes technology and expert teaching practices to focus on each unique learner and his or her specific needs. The learner is placed in the driver’s seat guided by innovative teaching and supported by a variety of time-saving tools and 21st century principles that pace learning to student needs, tailor instruction to student preferences, and align education to student interests.

Take a closer look at the Defining Personalized Learning Infographic, and you’ll notice it all starts with the student at the center, who takes a much larger role in directing his or her educational journey than he or she would in a more traditional model. The learner is now an owner or partner in the process and is responsible for choosing the appropriate tools and strategies to drive his or her learning forward. That said, we know none of that can be possible without innovative teaching, which is why it’s critical that talented, resourceful, and empathetic educators are there to guide the process.


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