Do You Have the Best Digital Customer Experience Idea of 2017?


What are you doing in your business to bring about measurable positive change?

How are you incorporating digital technologies to solve problems, reduce customer complaints and make life or work or both simpler, easier, more convenient and potentially even more profitable for one or more groups of stakeholders?

If you understand innovation is more than a buzzword — and that innovative is not a synonym for a “new and improved” product — then we have a proposal for you.

Showcasing Interesting DX Ideas

At the inaugural DX Summit in Chicago last November, we closed out the conference with the People’s Choice Awards. The awards showcased interesting — dare we say innovative — digital customer experience ideas for 2016. For example:

  • David Aronson, co-founder and CEO of Chicago-based Caysh, explained how his company was personalizing the massive consumer gift-card market. With Caysh, you can use any mobile device, send a picture of yourself and send off a gift card that goes directly to the recipient’s PayPal account to be redeemed “almost anywhere,” Aronson said, adding, “We’re cooler than a gift card.”
  • Lisa Beaudoin, co-founder of Reston, Va.-based Perfect Sense Digital, noted that enterprises are challenged with creating compelling, useful native iOS applications. Her solution: apps on-demand, which even users without engineering degrees could create. Just create a description, upload assets, assign a sponsor to it, and create an icon and screenshots to help consumers coming into the Apple Store understand what you’re trying to show, she said.
  • Kim Clifford, VP of Strategy at Chicago-based Critical Mass, encouraged enterprises to use the Google Now Card technology. Her point? Leverage big data that’s out there. Take your own products, leverage Google Now Cards and use the data makes the most sense, she said.
  • Fred Faulkner IV, Group Marketing Director at Chicago-based ICF Olson, explained how department store giant Target with the help of ICF Interactive launched its Lilly Pulitzer campaign that gave shoppers an immersive, showroom-like mobile experience. Customers could scope out the fashion line using their mobile devices to gain insight on products. Your phone’s “internal accelerometer merges the digital and physical worlds, transforming your phone into a spinning party portal,” according to literature in the campaign.
  • James Goldman, a digital experience consultant at San Francisco Bay area-based Media Ingredient, suggested hiring a content librarian. Goldman, who was content strategy lead at Razorfish at the time, noted, “Bring someone with a library science background into your marketing team.” He added, “A move like this will help your enterprise “invest in content categorizing.” The librarians are trained to “take disparate categories and build relationships between them. They can recognize relationships that you may not be able to see.”

People’s Choice Awards: Every Vote Counts

On the eve of one of the most polarizing US Presidential elections in recent history, voting has never been a hotter topic of conversation. And so — coupled with the enthusiastic response we received from attendees at the DX Summit last year — we decided to Give the People a Voice again.

We’re bringing back the People’s Choice Awards for our second annual DX Summit at the Radisson Blu Aqua hotel in Chicago this November.

Does your organization have the best digital customer experience idea of 2017? Let’s see what the people think. But first: You gotta get on the ballot, or rather, the stage.

Submit Your Best DX Ideas Today

Right now, we’re accepting applications from companies interested in presenting their new and better ideas at our DX Summit. Maybe the ideas save time or money. Maybe they reduce waste or invert an existing process or procedure. Maybe the ideas help customers or companies get more with less effort — or maybe they just add an element of fun where there was never any before.

We’re open to any and all ideas, as long as they are original.

Share your thoughts by sending a summary to People’s Choice Awards 2017. We’ll choose the most compelling ideas for rapid-fire presentations that the DX Summit audience will vote on right at the conference.

We can’t wait to hear your ideas.

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