DoubleBeam merchant


Get more business from your existing customers and attract new ones with loyalty programs in the DoubleBeam Merchant App.
— Get up and running in as little as 5 minutes, with your business information and loyalty program immediately visible to all consumers using the DoubleBeam consumer app
— Choose one of our simple, flexible loyalty programs:
— a “buy 10, get 1 free” program where the quantities, items for purchase, and reward are all up to you
— a “spend $Y, get $X off your next purchase” where the purchase total and dollar discount are flexible
— a “spend $Y, get Z% off your next purchase” where the purchase total and dollar discount are flexible
–Run multiple programs at once to see what works best for your business
–Upload an image or logo to further customize your program
–Leverage robust reporting to see how programs are performing (how many new customers, how many visits or purchases, how many rewards given out)
–Capture customer contact and demographic information for follow-on marketing
Here’s how it works:
1. Go to to set up your account and create your loyalty programs. Your programs will be immediately available to customers with the DoubleBeam Consumer app.
2. Download this DoubleBeam Merchant App and sign in with your user ID to test your programs.
3. At the time of purchase, use the DoubleBeam Merchant App to record your customers’ visits, track progress toward their goal, or redeem their reward by scanning a QR code in the DoubleBeam Consumer App on their phones
There are also great benefits for your customers. They can:
— search for you by name, type of business, where you’re located or how close they are to you
— store your loyalty cards within the app so they never forget or lose them
— pull up your phone number so they can call in an order ahead of time or find you on a map to get directions, all stored on the back of your customized card

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