Engagement Marketing in Insurance: Cultivating Customer Loyalty Through Continual, Personalized Interactions


Through the Internet and other channels, insurance customers enjoy abundant access to information and choice of providers. But choices made are hardly carved in stone; access to information and the availability of new technology make it easy for consumers to switch providers. Welcome to what Accenture calls the “switching economy”—worth an estimated $470 billion annually in premiums.

Insurance companies and their agents must be prepared to thrive in this new world by providing a consistent, differentiated customer experience that gives existing customers more reasons to remain loyal and gains new customers who seek more than their providers can offer.

This ebook shares the recipe for success—engagement marketing—which will help companies win in this new, dynamic, and customer-driven world. Winning companies will be those that shift from marketing at customers to engaging with them to build meaningful and lifelong personal relationships. Download this ebook to learn how to:

Establish an effective engagement marketing strategy
Develop data and analytics capabilities to derive the necessary customer insights
Support agents as they foster ongoing customer dialogue.

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