Galaxy Note 7 Prompts Commercial Flight Delay, But Was the Device Even On the Plane?


Passengers on-board a plane at the Philadelphia airport were told to leave the aircraft after “Galaxy Note 7,” the name of the infamous exploding Samsung device, appeared on a list of WiFi networks.

The captain forced the passengers to exit and to be searched again as a precautionary measure.

Galaxy Note 7 Prompts Commercial Flight Delay

The mobile phone was permitted on planes for more than a month after the first reports of Samsungs’ exploding smartphones. The FAA originally mandated that the electronics be turned off and not charging when on-board.

The Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) finally banned the device from all airplanes Oct. 15.

A representative for American Airlines confirmed that “Galaxy Note 7” showed up on the available networks, according to CBS3.

WiFi networks can be manually changed to any title, so it is not clear if a potentially dangerous device was actually aboard.

Samsung stopped production of the Galaxy Note 7 earlier in October.

The flight to Miami was ultimately delayed around three hours.

Flight Delay Photo via Shutterstock

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