Getting customers to love your brand: The Impact of business orientations on customer loyalty


This book shows you how to get customers to love your brand. Loyalty is considered to be critically important to growth, profitability and sustainability. It has received much attention by practitioners and managers. However, some important variables about the different types of loyalty have remained unclear. While businesses look towards adapting various strategies to help them grow and succeed in the marketplace, a number of key business orientations have emerged. Each of these orientations has claimed to increase both profitability and customer loyalty for an organisation. However which one works best isn’t very clear. This book is based on extensive research carried out over several years. The research has examined both business orientations as well as customer loyalty, including their inter-relationships. We found out answers to some of these key questions. First this books looks at the differences between customers liking or loving a brand. Second, we examine which strategic business orientation will help businesses to develop the highest level of loyalty among its customers. The book presents models and tools that you can adopt to manage customer loyalty.

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