How Much Time Do You Spend Marketing Your Business? [Poll]


You know it’s important — whether you use social media, local advertising or pass out business cards at the local Kiwanis Club.

It also may be tough if you’d rather be refining your product or service, filling orders or attending to just about anyone of the thousand other details that go along with operating a small business. But like it or not, especially in the beginning, you need to spend some time marketing to get your business off the ground.

Once you’ve delighted some customers, of course, they’ll spreading your name around — through word of mouth, the very best marketing there is. But in the beginning, it’s all up to you!

A survey by Constant Contact, recently, suggested the average small business spends up to 20 hours a week on marketing. How does this compare to your experience? So let us know:

How Much Time Do You Spend Marketing Your Business?

Take a minute to answer our poll and check back often to see how the votes are stacking up for or against your choice.

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