How to Establish Rapport to Build Customer Loyalty: Essential People Skills to Make Profits Soar (Customer Service Communication Library Book 3)


Do you know how to draw people out so they want to share more with you? The key to drawing a person out lies in the “clues” he or she releases. When something is important to us, we send up clues to see if anyone will notice and be interested. Clues are a direct line to the heart.

Learn how to uncover what others really think and feel to connect and communicate more effectively. You will discover four key ways to respond to clues to draw clients and others out: silence, questions, self-disclosure and observations.

While this book is written for people in their jobs, the skills work equally well in all relationships—with family, friends, in the community, as well as in a business, job, church, etc.

This book is one of the books in the “Customer Service Communication Library.” You are encouraged to get all the books, because they build on each other. Together they give you the tools you need to be more successful in all your relationships. The following are some of the books in this series:
—How to Avoid Sabotaging Your Profit$
—Maximize Profits: How to Listen to Provide Excellent Customer Service
—How to Empower People to Solve Their Problems
—Overcome Conflict for Maximum Success
—How to Confront Effectively Even When You Are Angry or Terrified
—How to Respond to Verbal Attacks
—How to Build Trust Personally and Organizationally

Here are a few endorsements for the books in the “Customer Service Communication Library” and the training that can accompany the books:
“Readers will benefit greatly from these stories, experiences and biblical principles. Not only buy this book, but study it and apply it to your life.”
—Joe Sabah, author of How to Get on Radio Talk Shows All across America

“I came here thinking this was just going to help me “on the job” but throughout the week it became more and more obvious that all of this applies to how I interact as a wife and mom! If you don’t practice this at home, don’t try to export it outside your home to your business! It was like attending a marriage building seminar without my spouse!
—Nancy, Missionary in Kenya

“This was the best workshop I’ve ever attended. It transformed parts of my own personal life. It was extremely helpful for my work. The written material is marvelous.” —A leader in Kenya

“There were many strained relationships and lack of trust among the staff, but as the topics were dealt with, a beautiful thing happened–people went to each other seeking to work through their differences and build relationship not just among the staff, but also in marriages and families.” —Peter, a Missionary in Guam

“This is the only seminar/workshop I have ever come home from feeling like I could do what they taught because I had done it.” —Beverly, Texas

“A simple increase in knowledge about relationships isn’t enough to change behavior. Practice is the key and practice is at the core of this workshop. This material applies to every area of my life.”
—John, a Human Resources Director, Florida

“I’m going to be different, not overnight but over the long haul. Here was a workshop that was not hype, emotions and fluff, but nuts and bolts, hammer and trowel foundational stuff! It needs to be a slow-drip learning for lifelong change.”
—John, a youth pastor, Texas

“This was the best course we have ever had at our university. It is a lot of fun and the students are really participating.”
—Professor, Amman, Jordan

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