How to Make Big Money at your Salon by Offering 5-Star Service (Ready, Set, Go Books!)


Book endorsed by the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) and Modern Salon magazine.Every successful salon owner understands that top-notch service is critical to business profitability and longevity. In this new edition of the Ready, Set, Go! Beauty Book series, we show you how to differentiate your business by providing 5-star service. We help you understand the fundamentals and true meaning of customer service–what customers want, deserve and expect–and how to win customer loyalty by delivering the ultimate customer experience. 

This book is designed to educate you as the salon owner, manager, or employee on what 5-star service in your salon should be. It’s also intended to be a tool that every one of your employees can use to improve their customer service.

This book will get you thinking about the little things that make a difference in customer service and have you itching to continue the “wow” experience one customer at a time, every time.

So what is 5-star service? What do your clients expect when they walk through your salon’s entrance? Do you and your staff truly understand what they are expecting? Can you deliver?

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