Huge New Influencer Marketing Event Coming Nov. 14 -15: Is This a Trend You Should Explore?


Influencer Marketing Days (IMD) is a conference slated for November 14-15 in New York City that intends to address the growing interest in the concept of marketing through influencers.

“Influencer Marketing has been on the notable rise for the past few months,” said conference organizer Geno Prussakov in an email to Small Business Trends. “In fact, in 2015 Google classified the key phrase ‘influencer marketing’ as a ‘Breakout’ term — one experiencing search growth greater than 5,000 percent.”

Influencer marketing tools and platforms have been springing up on an almost monthly basis, with more than 100 new solutions surfacing in just the past five years, he said. But despite widespread interest, little vendor-neutral content exists. That’s a problem Prussakov, through Influencer Marketing Days, plans to solve.

Here are the conference details along with reasons why small businesses may want to attend.

Influencer Marketing Conference Details

The conference is scheduled for November 14-15, 2016, at the TKP Conference Center in New York City.

Prussakov has gathered an array of speakers from the influencer marketing industry, including public relations, affiliate marketing and social media marketing.

Some of the most notable speakers include:

  • Apu Gupta, CEO, Curalate;
  • Brian Littleton, president and CEO, ShareASale;
  • Martin Weinberg, director of marketing, US, SEMrush;
  • Adam Weiss, GM and SVP, Rakuten Affiliate Network.

Presentations will cover topics, such as:

  • Influencer marketing research and statistics;
  • Types of influencers;
  • Influencer marketing channels;
  • Influencer identification and analysis;
  • Outreach and onboarding;
  • Influencer activation and motivation;
  • Opportunities, emerging trends and more.

IMD Conference Target Audience

The conference is intended primarily for marketing professionals who are responsible for their company’s influencer marketing strategy, campaign development and relationship management.

However, anyone and everyone interested in growing their business through influencer marketing can attend, said Prussakov.

“Whether you are involved in PR or integrated marketing, community development or social media management, it doesn’t matter,” Prussakov said. “If you are looking to leverage the power of influencers, this conference is for you.”

Conference will Address Small Business Needs

Influencer marketing isn’t merely the purview of large organizations, said Prussakov. Small businesses can use it as well.

“We will dive into an array of questions to which every small business must have answers if they want to be effective at influencer marketing,” he said.

“To name but a few topics, we’ll look at the different types of influencers and the marketing channels they use, delving into strategies for influencer discovery, onboarding, activation and measuring campaigns results. We will also tackle the legislative issues that everyone with an influencer marketing program must know how to handle.”

Prussakov said he wants each attendee to go back to his office undergirded by three “Es”: Educated, Equipped and Exhilarated to make the most of their next influencer marketing campaign.

“We want small business participants to walk away with practical tips and techniques to help them be successful in their marketing, and go home inspired with new ideas, relationships and the ability to leverage the power of influencers,” he said.

Those interested in attending can learn more or purchase tickets at the conference website. Early bird discounts are available through September 9, 2016, starting at $797 for a two-day pass.

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