I Was Wondering if There Was A Way To…


Over the past 4 years as an Inbound Marketing and Sales Consultant at LeadG2, I’ve been asked a lot of questions by clients about where to find things in the HubSpot software tool. HubSpot is a wonderful tool, but like many “all-in-one” marketing or sales products, it takes some time to learn where everything is and hours of hands-on application to become an expert. These are the easiest questions to answer, but these are not my favorite questions to answer.  

My favorite questions to answer have one thing in common: They always start with “I was wondering if there was a way to…?” The answers to these questions are usually not something easily found in the support documentation, a Google search, or the HubSpot forum. No, these are questions that involve complex thinking and an in-depth understanding of both HubSpot and the client’s business processes and business needs. 

Help Solving Business Challenges

These are the types of questions that make it challenging and satisfying to be a consultant. The questions where you have to push the technological boundaries of the system and come up with innovative solutions to help a client achieve success and solve their business challenges. These questions typically can’t be answered by a help desk, intern, or technical support. No, these questions that involve real business challenges can only be answered by an experienced inbound marketing consultant that knows a lot about software but even more about business.

Clients don’t typically hire an inbound marketing firm to answer “help desk” type questions about basic software functionality or to provide tutorials on how to send marketing emails. That’s what user manuals and online training is for. When a client hires an experienced inbound marketer, they are typically looking for someone that can help guide them through the process of integrating the way the HubSpot system works with their actual business needs and processes. After all, having a piece of software that’s inflexible and can’t be bent to the will of the user doesn’t solve many real world problems. As a client, knowing that you have a go-to resource for solving complex marketing automation challenges and creating new ways to leverage technology can help to elevate your marketing and lead generation efforts.

Ask Us!

When you are confronted with a marketing challenge that involves complex thinking and system knowledge, who do you ask, “I was wondering if there was a way to…?”

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