Loggoss Loyalty


What is
Welcome to Loggoss points program. It is a program many benefits and discounts without costing you anything.If you want, you can get discounts on your purchases at participating merchants and retailers to the program … or if you prefer you can get electronic goods, food and other services …View our online catalog that will update with news!
How it works:
1.If you have not already received, Request your card, it’s free. Navigate to the “Contact” to find the easiest way to get in touch with us
2.Get points with your everyday purchases
3.Exchange them for gifts and discounts
And in Customer Area you can:
Consult yourbalance and movementsat any time.
Exchangeyour points onlinefor gifts.
Update yourpersonal data
Viewyour orders
How to get points
Each time you make your regular purchases or use the services Loggoss offers its partners, for example if you make purchasessupply contracts with a phone line Loggoss … have the opportunity to add points to your account. Just present your card or identify yourself as a member of Loggoss!
We make it easy, and become a member for free and start accumulating puntos.b2c.custom.loyalty.program.info.txtget2
Featured Shops and Stores
Here are the companies, shops and establishments linked to Loggoss Points Program. Making purchases or hiringThey offer the services, you will get the points you need to get your discounts and free gifts.

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