Loyalty Marketing: The Second Act


This book shows what’s required for success today in loyalty marketing. Using many successful programs from around the world as examples, the following questions are answered: 1. What are global best practices?2. Why have some programs failed? 3. How should we measure success? 4. What are the common denominators of success? 5. Are some programs inherently better than others? 6. What keeps customers interested in the program? 7. Why don’t all retailers embrace loyalty marketing? 8. How deeply should a loyalty program permeate a company? In addition, you will learn why: 1. A loyalty program’s greatest benefit is the information 2. Points programs costing 1% of sales are questionable 3. Charging a membership fee makes eminent sense 4. Best Customers are the critical success indicator 5. There’s no single best strategy The lessons of this book, using retailing examples, has direct relevance to both on-line and off-line businesses across all sectors. Its purpose is to help you follow in the footsteps of the best, and avoid the missteps of the rest.Used Book in Good Condition

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