Maximizing Revenue & Margin From Your Existing Customers In Recession & Recovery


Your Existing Customers are your #1 priority. Because they trust you and have relationships already set up with you. Because you know all about their businesses and don’t have to spend money reaching them. This book will show you how to focus on the right customers, reinforce customer loyalty and extract more revenue. Rupert Hart MBA has been an operating manager and marketing executive through several downturns with two decades of hands-on experience in advising companies on recession strategy. He is the author of 5-star-rated “Recession Storming: Thriving in Downturns through Superior Marketing, Pricing and Product Strategies.” This “BizBones” book is on a single specific subject (just the “bones”) and designed to be read in one hour by a busy manager. Books in the “BizBones” Series cover: Recession 101: Understanding the Business Environment), Winning New Customers, Resisting Pricing Pressure, Advancing with New Product-Offerings. Essential reading for all managers.

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