Microsoft Targets Apple Customers With New Computer (Watch)


Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is going after Apple’s customers with its new desktop computer. The Surface Studio is the first desktop computer from Microsoft. And it has a lot of new and interesting features.

For one, the computer screen actually folds down into something like a drafting table. You can also use touchscreen features, a stylus that comes with the device, and a new tool called the Surface Dial to draw and design directly on the desktop.

As it does with other Surface products, Microsoft is targeting artists, designers and other creatives with its features and marketing. And that’s a section of the market where Apple already has a lot of popularity.

If Microsoft can chip away at that market share with its new innovative features, then it will be good news for the company. But getting people to actually make the switch could be difficult, given the big investment and the totally different operating systems that new customers would have to get used to.

2 Ways to Enter a Competitive Market

When businesses like Microsoft have to face off in a new market against entrenched competitors like Apple, there are a couple of ways to enter a competitive market. You could find your own niche and try to appeal to totally different customers. Or you could go up against the competition head on. That’s the route that Microsoft is apparently taking. And time will tell whether it’s a strategy that pays off for them.

Image: Microsoft

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