MLB Teams Demonstrate the Power of Brand Loyalty (Watch)


Baseball’s World Series is approaching. But if you pay attention to ratings or any amateur baseball commentators on Twitter, you might think no one really watches baseball anymore.

Those ratings don’t tell the whole story though. It’s true that World Series viewership has gone down steadily in recent years. But baseball has a 162-game season. And during those games, local viewers actually do tune in to watch their favorite teams in a lot of markets.

In fact, some teams even had higher ratings for regular season games in their local markets than the World Series. So what that means is that people are simply more interested in watching their favorite teams than they are in watching the biggest games of the year.

It’s simple brand loyalty. Baseball teams work hard all year to build local fan bases and keep them engaged. So if their favorite teams aren’t part of the World Series, people are less likely to tune in.

Understand the Value of Your Loyal Customer Base

It’s a concept that small businesses would do well to remember too. Brand loyalty is something that has to worked on with your core constituency first . If you can keep a steady base of customers like MLB teams keep steady bases of fans, you could be well on your way to being successful.

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