New Airline Baggage Regulations Highlight Importance of Customer Experience (Watch)


If you’ve ever had an airline lose or delay your luggage, you know how much of a hassle it can be. And if you had to pay extra fees to bring that luggage with you in the first place, then you’ve likely experienced even more frustration. But that experience might be getting a bit less frustrating for consumers — though the specifics are still murky.

The Obama administration just announced a new rule that would require airlines to refund baggage fees if a passenger’s belongings are “substantially delayed.” Currently, there’s not a strict definition of what that means. And there’s also not a specific date where this new rule is set to go into effect either.

Rules and regulations like this one are generally intended to protect consumers. But they aren’t always fun for businesses to deal with. It’s up to businesses of all sizes to make their voices heard, but also to consider the customer experience.

The Importance of Customer Experience

Regardless of the exact rules and regulations in place, businesses need to try to provide a positive experience for customers. And sometimes sacrifices are necessary in order to keep customers happy, even if that means refunding a fee or putting in some extra work.

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