Newest Wix App And OS Enable Small Business Owners to Manage Websites on Mobile


Managing a website has gotten easier with mobile, but the new Wix (NASDAQ:WIX) app has gone a step further. You can now manage, create and market your small business anytime and anywhere on your mobile device. This means being able to interact with your customers in real-time to provide superior customer service.

With the new Wix app, you can communicate with all of your visitors, whether they are local or global, instantly. And anytime there is a notification, you can answer it just like a text message on your phone.

So What Can You Do With The Latest Version of the Wix Mobile App?

Engage with visitors in real-time when you get a message from a visitor on your site or they make an appointment.

Start a live chat to get more details about the appointment, or answer any questions they might have.

Manage your store by keeping track of your inventory with each sale, so you never run out of hot selling items. You can also add new products by taking a picture of them on your phone and posting them right away.

Wix Mobile App - Manage Your Store

Blog on the go with desktop-like features, including creating posts, changing fonts and adding active links and images.

Wix Mobile App - Blog On The Go

Receive active feed notifications from your small business, such as invoices, contacts, messages and inventory alerts.

A real life example would be a hotel or motel business owner who can check reservation, availability and manage bookings by connecting directly to the website from mobile.

Wix Mobile App - Manage Reservations

The company says the app will be invaluable for managing much of a small business’s online presence from a mobile device. From a small business owner’s perspective, the benefits are obvious. It means not having to wait until you get to a laptop to make major changes or updates to your business website — or respond to customers.

The Wix app is available for your iOS and Android device now.



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