Nigeria is the Next Silicon Valley, According to Mark Zuckerberg (Watch)


The next big startup hub might not be a trendy metropolitan area like Silicon Valley. In fact, if you ask Mark Zuckerberg, the growing startup community in Lagos, Nigeria is one to look out for.

The founder of Facebook recently visited the sub-Saharan country for the first time to see the vibrant developer and entrepreneurial ecosystem there. The city already boasts several up-and-coming startups and has some financial potential for international companies as well.

However, inconsistent access to both funding and internet could threaten to slow the area’s startup growth. Those are a few of the issues that Zuckerberg hopes to tackle with his work in Nigeria. Of course, Zuckerberg’s efforts don’t come without potential benefit to Facebook. Nigeria is the company’s largest market in Africa.

Always Keep Your Eye Out for the “Next Silicon Valley”

You don’t need to be the size of Facebook to know the value of developing communities around the world  when it comes to growing your business. The internet gives even small business incredible reach not only to sell products and services anywhere in the world they’re needed. And developing communities can also be sources of talent to be recruited or partner who can help your company grow.

You don’t need to be a tech billionaire to contact these folks either. Simply take the time to learn more about the communities you’re interested in. Look for complementary businesses and services to your own in these communities. Connect with popular local influencers via social media. Then set up an opportunity to chat Skype or Google Hangouts to talk about common goals and opportunities on .

Image: Newsy/CNN Money

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