No Reservations: A Story About Building Customer Loyalty One Relationship at a Time


No Reservations is an engaging business fable about a once-grand hotel in the mountains that has seen better times. Oh, it looks good from the outside, as many places (and people) do. But open the doors and look inside, walk around and you’ll see and hear a place falling apart where it matters most. The heart of any business is its people. And the staff at The Harper are either bailing quickly or barely holding on in a work environment that can be best described as dysfunctional and dispassionate. Tourists who once made this hotel their vacation destination of choice now have reservations about staying there. In fact, the local tourist bureau has de-listed it from its recommended hotels.

Things are going downhill fast, and the owners have decided to give the corporate leadership team six months before pulling the plug on the site. Enter Rob, a passionate, committed leader who has taken on the turn-around assignment, but truly doesn’t know what he’s inherited, or how he’s going to right the ship. Is it even conceivable that at some point people will have no reservations about booking a stay at The Harper? It’s anybody’s guess, but one thing’s for sure: If the hotel can be saved, it will take more than Rob alone to make it happen.

Praise for No Reservations:

“This is a must-read for anyone in the service industry, where the great differentiator in a world filled with generic products is PEOPLE who are truly willing to SERVE. No Reservations provides the blueprint for those looking to build customer loyalty, one relationship at a time.” —JON GORDON, author of The Energy Bus and Soup

“If you want to be inspired to live better, lead better, and leave a legacy that matters, read this book.” —JIMMY PAGE, Vice President, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and best-selling author of One Word That Will Change Your Life and WisdomWalks

“No Reservations does for the Service Industry what Eliyahu Goldratt’s, The Goal, did for manufacturing. Practical wisdom that can help any organization refocus on what it takes to deliver truly exceptional service experiences.” —GREG VAN SCOY, Senior Vice President, Burke, Inc., Research Specialists in Employee Engagement & Customer Loyalty

“No Reservations quickly gets to the heart of the importance and value of creating an exceptional customer experience. It is packed full of practical examples of how each employee can contribute to their own personal success as well as the success of their organization. No Reservations reinforces the fact that with the right leadership and attitude, your company culture can change for the better.” —BARRY HIMMEL, Senior Vice President, Signature Worldwide Customer Experience Training Specialists

“The best investment a company can make is in customer service and satisfaction. The payoff not only is great for our customers, but for our companies and employees, as well. No Reservations is a shining example of this principle.” —DORA BOURGAULT, Owner/Operator, Park Avenue Travel Services

“No Reservations is full of very practical and sound advice. It’s sure to be a winner.” —GEORGE CECIL, CEO, Biltmore Farms, Inc.

“I recommend No Reservations because Todd writes about the way he lives and what he believes in. His positiveness and friendliness manifest themselves in this story of customer service and employee satisfaction. Everyone can benefit from reading this book.” —ROY BALDWIN, President, Got Your Back Network

“Todd lives out the message in No Reservations. I have seen his People Before Profits philosophy displayed in his selfless giving to others, his impeccable character, and his compassionate care for others. I count him as a true mentor and friend.” —GREG BLAKE, CEO, Pepworks, Inc.

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