Salesforce Extends Wave Analytics Apps to Financial Services, B2B Marketers


Salesforce wants to put the powers of a data scientist into everyone’s hands — and it’s doing so by expanding its Wave Analytics portfolio.

The idea: Provide consumer-grade, off-of-the shelf apps for enterprise users by enlisting subject matter experts, ISVs and developer enthusiasts to do the tough work and earn a pretty penny in the process.

It’s a cooperative effort that everyone in the Salesforce community can benefit from and feel good about. That’s especially true for line of business users whose only interest in data is as a means to an end — a route to more sales, improved productivity, better looks at customer journeys.

New Wave Apps Plus a Designer Dashboard

This morning Salesforce announced new Wave Apps for B2B Marketing and Financial Services and 20 new apps from ISV partners including Everis, ThinkLP and Vlocity. It also announced a new Wave Dashboard Designer and Wave Dataset Designer tools, which can help companies personalize Wave apps for each role and function within a department.

Salesforce has also made it easy and intuitive for line of business workers to visually combine data from multiple data sources to get the specific insights they need to drive their business forward.

Best of all, the apps are mobile and embedded into Salesforce so that you can take action from many different kinds of screens without ever needing to leave the platform.

It’s a big leap forward and it comes none too soon. According to Ben Pruden, director of product marketing at Salesforce, 61 percent of business users depend on others to build and run reports for them. This slows them down and prevents the use of the most recent data, he said.

Wave for Financial Services Cloud

Anyone who has ever owned a business or been in sales has a tale about insatiable customers or prospects whose initial enthusiasm never results in a sale.

If you’re a financial advisor who has fallen prey to such time and energy thieves, Salesforce’s Wave for Financial Services Cloud could save you next time. It knows that 80 percent of your business comes from 20 percent of your customers and guides you to spend your time in ways that optimize revenues.

It also features tools to make it easy to discover, via a single click, which clients were affected by a recent shift in the market or have made a significant deposit and now require extra guidance on their holdings.

Wave for B2B Marketing

B2B marketers get a new tool, too.

They can use it to drill into marketing and CRM data such as lead volume, lead-to-opportunity conversion rates, pipeline velocity and campaign ROI, and then  combine it with third-party sources such as Google Analytics and event management platforms to gain insight into the operation of their campaigns.

Salesforce Grows Its Partner Ecosystem

Salesforce has left it to its ecosystem of ISV partners to build and deliver specialty apps to help companies work smarter and to deliver better service and better experiences. Twenty vendors unveiled solutions in the Salesforce App Exchange today.

One of them, ThinkLP Loss Prevention Analytics, from ThinkLP,  helps retailers analyze sales, records, returns, attendance, inventory and more to identify loss patterns and take data-driven action to proactively reduce risk.

Another, Everis ehCOS Wave Analytics from Everis helps care providers trace patient journeys from the hospital door to social care so that discharges take place in a way that makes sense.

And still another, Vlocity Clickstream Analysis from Vlocity helps contact center managers optimize processes through click data.

Developers Get Tools, Too

Individual companies, departments and line of business workers all have their own needs and no one can build them as the developers inside their organizations.

To serve them, Salesforce unveiled two new tools today Wave Dashboard Designer and Wave Dataset Designer. Through these admins will be able to provide workers with easy-to-use tools for self-service analytics and an ability to combine data types easily, by clicking vs. writing code.

Revel in the Salesforce Ecosystem

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff is doing all he can to lure innovators, future-thinkers and coders to build leading edge solutions on his platform. The objective is simple: when his customers are looking for something leading edge, the first place they look is the Salesforce App Exchange Store.

It’s a smart strategy. Benioff is doing more than creating an ecosystem. It’s practically a solar system that’s self-sustaining, happy and cool — much like Dreamforce, Salesforce’s annual mega user conference that takes place in San Francisco next month.

Expect new product announcements like this to role in regularly between now and then.

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