Scoring Points: How Tesco Continues to Win Customer Loyalty


Swiping their grocery club’s loyal-customer card has become second nature to shoppers these days. “”Scoring Points”” is one of the seminal marketing books of the last decade, telling the story of how British supermarket chain Tesco conceived, launched and developed its hugely successful Clubcard program — and transformed itself into a winning brand. Authors Clive Humby and Terry Hunt, two major influences behind the project, and Tim Phillips, a leading business writer and broadcaster, bring a compelling, behind-the-scenes account of Clubcard — the successes, failures and lessons learned. They show how Tesco made customer loyalty marketing work, even when almost every other loyalty program failed, thanks to vision, a strong team ethic and a company-wide commitment to customer satisfaction. It includes three new chapters, including an examination of the US retail market and the authors’ work with both Tesco and Kroger.

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