Secret Service: Hidden Systems That Deliver Unforgettable Customer Service


Foreword by Capodagli and Lynn Jackson, coauthors of “The Disney Way”. All businesses have customers, but how many of them deliver unforgettably good customer service? “Secret Service” reveals the hidden systems of the few exceptional companies that do: what actions they take behind the scenes to consistently surpass customer expectations. These organizations reap the benefits of greater customer loyalty, exponentially expanded referral networks, lower employee turnover, and stronger bottom-line results. By quantifying and examining each phase of the “Customer Experience Cycle,” “Secret Service” reveals clever, practical ideas that can be transformed into repeatable best practices in any organization and at every level. Packed with examples applicable to a wide range of industries, this book provides practical, realistic ways to: turn customer complaints into positive experiences; use marketing to go deeper with existing customers; and, increase customer and employee retention, and turn bland customer service into truly memorable customer experiences”.

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