Superior Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty


This book demonstrates in a simple and straightforward way the process of discovering the attributes that are important to your customers, measuring their satisfaction with an unbiased survey instrument, analyzing that data, and then doing a statistical analysis to determine the best approach to improving the low-rated attribute and implementing change that has a higher probability of improving customer loyalty. Satisfaction is a feeling; loyalty is a behavior with satisfaction as its foundation, coupled with a willingness to repurchase and a willingness to recommend. It is that interest in reliving a positive customer experience that creates loyal behavior. This book gives insights into the process that companies can use to create that satisfaction in their customers and promote loyal behavior in customers buying patterns. Each chapter is constructed as a self-contained entity. The method described in this book will help you collect data from your customers, understand the information through analysis of the metrics and comments, find root causes of problems, motivate people to contribute to improving satisfaction, and then sustain the gains by audit. There is no appendix to reference for additional materials. The basic process needed to analyze and implement a robust quality system for improving customer satisfaction is described in full, including presenting the data of customer satisfaction values in a way that makes it easy to understand.

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