Surface Dial May Be Unsung Hero of Recent Microsoft Release


The new Surface Studio, Surface Book and Surface Pro were just released to some fanfare, but the unsung hero of the Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) event was probably the Surface Dial.

As an accessory, it didn’t get a lot of attention, that is until everyone became aware of its capabilities. And now, the Dial is being labeled as a revolutionary tool for the creative process by allowing users to transition seamlessly between tasks.

What’s the Big Deal About the Microsoft Surface Dial?

This is a truly innovative way to interact with digital technology. Dial lets you easily access shortcuts to improve your workflow. Whether you are writing, drawing, editing video, watching your favorite movie or listening to music, you can manipulate these and other applications with a click and turn.

The Dial looks like a paperweight, but place it on the Surface Studio monitor, and it becomes much more than that.

Designed to simplify the actions of applications, you can undo each line, change color or brush size, adjust different parameters, rotate 3D vectors and more. And the haptic feedback adds another dimension of interaction with vibrations that let you experience and interact with your project in a new way.

The Dial has a maximum diameter of 2.32″, and it only weighs in at 145 g with 2 batteries that last for 12 months. Using Bluetooth Low Energy, it connects to any of the Surface PCs, but only the Studio has on-screen detection through a capacitive pattern.

When you use it with the Pen, the combination of the two accessories adds yet another layer of creativity and productivity. You can choose colors, themes, controls and other options so you can create with more flexibility than ever.

At $99 (for pre-order), the Surface Dial may be another accessory out there for creatives who want to explore the full potential of their Surface computers.

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