The 120th Canton Fair Provides Small Businesses Glimpse of Importable Technology


The China Import and Export fair is one of the largest trade shows in the world. Each year, hundreds of companies from around the world attend.

Also known as the Canton Fair, the China Import and Export Fair is held in Guangzhou, China. For 60 years, the Canton Fair has provided a place for businesses to showcase new and innovative products.

The Canton Fair is one of the events business leaders look at to discover the latest products and technologies that are being developed.

Canton Fair 2016 Details

What Is the Canton Fair?

The Canton Fair is an international trade fair held biannually in China. It’s the largest trade fair in China. Since 1956 it has served as a way for different brands to come together to show their new products and services.

The Canton Fair is one of the most attended trade fairs in the world. The fair is broken down into two sessions per year. Each session has three phases.

These phases are:

  • Phase 1: Electronics, household appliances, machinery, vehicles, etc.
  • Phase 2: Consumer products, goods, gifts.
  • Phase 3: Textiles and garments.

The Canton Fair is known as a place where businesses can come together and make deals, and is a high-quality platform for foreign trade promotion in China.

Upgraded International Pavilion

This year, the 120th Canton Fair will feature an upgraded International Pavilion. This pavilion is intended to facilitate greater commerce between buyers and vendors. Because of this, it will be easier for brands to come together.

The pavilion is 20,000 square meters and will be divided into six different sections. This year, there will be more than 600 companies from 40 different countries in attendance including Honeywell, Caterpillar, SABAF, Ewbank and many other global top industry leaders. The pavilion has become one of the most important trade platforms for overseas enterprises and domestic companies to expand Chinese markets or purchase foreign goods.

A New Array of Products

Each fair features a wide array of new and innovative products. These products represent many different industries. The 120th Canton Fair will show 150 thousand Chinese high-quality goods and overseas special products for all walks of life.

Solar Energy Innovations

This year, the fair will feature three different exhibition zones for alternative sources of energy. These include solar and wind-themed products. Alternative energy has become a topic that many industries are focused on.

The products that will be showcased in these exhibition zones will show the many advances being made in alternative energy.

These products include:

  • PV Modules,
  • Appliances,
  • Solar water pumping systems,
  • Heaters, and
  • Air conditioners.

It will also include products that are powered by wind and thermal energy. While there are several different types of energy that will be featured, solar energy seems to be the biggest focus.

Smart Appliances

The 120th Canton Fair will also include smart appliances, which is of great interest to those who are interested in the “internet of things.” Smart appliances can be operated remotely using your WiFi connection. These are novel devices because they can detect when there is a malfunction. This enables the user to deal with an issue before it’s too late.

Also, you can operate the appliance when you’re not even home. These devices are becoming more and more popular because of the convenience they provide.

Some of the appliances being featured at the Canton Fair include:

  • Refrigerators,
  • Smart sanitary ware,
  • Ventilation equipment,
  • Washers and dryers, and
  • Home service robot.

Not only will the fair featured products for residential consumers, but it will also include devices being used in the commercial sector.

Electronic Products

New electronic products will also be featured at the fair. These are innovative products that make it easier for consumers to perform their everyday tasks.

Trendsetting products include:

  • Electronic security equipment,
  • Business automation equipment, and
  • Products using renewable energy.

Consumer electronic products are becoming more pervasive in the market. This is because of the many advances being made in mobile communication and internet technology. The Canton Fair features products created by companies that are on the forefront of this technology.


Since the Canton Fair is held twice per year, companies are able to keep up with the latest advances in technology. It will continue be a key part of worldwide innovation in the years to come.

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