The Curated Experience: Engineering Customer Service to Build Loyalty


We are in the age of the empowered customer. There are more and more customer choices, greater and greater demands on organizations. Your Customers want to contact you utilizing an ever-growing number of channels, but still expect a continual and contextual conversation with you throughout their journey. The expectations from your customer is no longer to just resolve their issues on the first try, but instead to anticipate their next need. The stakes for customer facing organizations are getting higher and higher.
Fortunately, there are more opportunities today to delight customers than at any time in history. In my book, I make the case that customer experience is not just a differentiator – it is the reason your organization exists. Profits and long-term growth are by-products of delighting customers. Whether you support customers through a call center or you are an army of one you will learn how to create an environment that is intentional about delighting customers. We will explore the three vital components to achieve this – liberating structures, data driven technology and empowered people.

The Curated Experience: Engineering Customer Service to Build Loyalty teaches us that it is about intentionally crafting a better Customer Experience.

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