The Customer Loyalty Pyramid

The vast majority of American companies have little awareness or knowledge of how their organizations must change strategically to improve their customers’ loyalty and assessment of value. As customers increasingly perceive a sameness of products and services among companies, an intense focus on customer retention and lifetime value will differentiate successful organizations from others. Lowenstein develops concepts and approaches that enable company executives, managers, and staff to create a dynamic, proactive corporate commitment to customer advocacy and loyalty.

Moving past previous how-to-do-it books on customers, Lowenstein identifies the abilities and processes by which companies can achieve the new paradigms related to customer loyalty.The Seven S Framework, a management concept developed by Tom Peters and Robert Waterman while at McKinsey and Company, is combined with the author’s own Customer Loyalty Pyramid^DSM to form the basis of this new, invaluable work. The concepts are innovative, and the applications are real-world.

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