The Hook


Corporations can no longer just worship the bottom line. Consumers and customers want to be associated with brands that align with their values. For business success today, your company needs to tell a compelling story that creates engagement, word-of-mouth, and brand loyalty.

The Hook gives you a proven methodology to create a compelling narrative, then shows you how to share your story with the world and get consumers and customers to listen to and remember your message.

More specifically, The Hook will teach you how story-selling can be used as an incredibly powerful instrument to:

Create an emotional connection between your organization and its target market, or between a product and consumers.
Generate interest, enthusiasm, and support for a person, company, or product.
Demonstrate the benefits and potential of any product, service, company, or individual.
Create a culture of inclusion for any company or product.
Enhance staff commitment to mission and objectives.
Improve the power, tone, and texture of speeches, proposals, presentations, and printed materials.

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